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The Idea and the story


Passing of the years you know what you have to ask your hands - Maurizio Pollini

Piano Lovers Over 40®

Some people love playing the piano so much that they would like to dedicate their lives to the study of this wonderful and complete musical instrument, which is capable of eliciting a thousand different and powerful emotions. Unfortunately life can sometimes lead them to a different career path. In light of the success of the 2012 National Piano Competition for Players over 50, Piano Lovers started to organize International piano competitions dedicated to these people, pianists by passion if not by vocation, and for the first time targeted at pianists over 40 years old, including octogenarians.

It is from this idea that all started, and we do not want to forget the spirit of the beginning. We do not want to forget the desire to listen. This desire has characterized immediately as human adventure almost more than music, and with renewed enthusiasm we start the second edition of our competition for amateur pianists with more than 40 years. We are in the 4th edition, and after last year's success and the many replication requests, we decided to kick-start the adventure. From my passionate inspiration came to life an incredible and almost unexpected flood of words, sounds, emotions, desire for confrontation and especially the will to play, beyond all limits, prejudice, and fear. The strength of a true passion, one for the piano, encouraged us beyond all expectations and allowed us to meet some wonderful hidden talents.

Thanks to them, we were able to organize an event with a high level of artistry. We welcomed enthusiasts pianists who challenged themselves and have seized with great intelligence and humor the valuable opportunity to perform in public.

We never forget our "convivial" mood and. At the same time, We know now for certain that no professional does not mean "amateur" in the sense of the term demeaning. "Amateurs" is someone who loves, loves totally unlimited.

We wait for you, confident that our competition will be a musical and human adventure with many expectations.

Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Rossi Vimercati