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The Auditions

Music isn’t just about emotion, it’s also about genius.
Albert Einstein

Auditions will take place over 4 workdays; sessions will gather each category for a single day. As much as possible, we’ll try to respond to the needs of those who, not being professional performers, might have to manage work hours and so on. As in the previous years, the applicants are split into 4 categories, depending on age, plus the 4-hands category, where the only requirement is that one of the two applicants must be older than 40.

So, to summarize:

  • CATEGORY A: 40 to 50 yo
  • CATEGORY B: 51 to 60 yo
  • CATEGORY C: 61 to 70 yo
  • CATEGORY D: 71 yo and up
  • CATEGORY E: 4-hands (one of the two applicants must be older than 40)


Auditions will take place from October 23th to Friday October 26th 2018, in CASA VERDI.

Further details about planning will be given to the applicants, closer to the auditions. Also, the time and place for the announcement of the Top3 applicants for each category.